Guest services

As a flat rental company, our priority is to ensure our guests have a memorable and hassle-free stay. Our guest service team consists of experienced professionals who are ready to provide you with assistance and support at every stage of your stay.

Our guest service offers:

  1. Friendly and helpful service: Our staff are always available to answer your questions, provide tips on local attractions and provide you with all the information you need to make your stay even more enjoyable.

  2. Efficient booking and check-in process: We make sure the whole booking and check-in process is as smooth and seamless as possible, so you can focus on enjoying your stay.

  3. Professional cleaning and maintenance of flats: Our team ensures that each flat is clean and tidy before your arrival, providing you with a fresh, clean and pleasant environment.

  4. Rapid response to any needs: Should you encounter any problems during your stay or require additional assistance, our guest services are ready to respond quickly and efficiently to resolve the situation.

  5. Personalised services: We are open to your needs and preferences, so we aim to tailor our service to your individual requirements to make you feel at home away from home.

Our aim is to make your stay unique and unforgettable. Trust us and we will take care of every detail so that you can fully enjoy your time in our flats.

Want a break from the car?

No problem, at Baltic Usedom we offer our guests a convenient transport option so that they can easily reach our accommodation and return to their chosen destination. We adapt to your individual needs and travel plans. Guests in our flats don't have to worry about travel arrangements, which makes your stay with us even more relaxing and hassle-free.

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